Going back to college after starting a family and career is never easy. But it is a challenge facing many working professionals who find that the path to upper management leads through a Master of Business Administration degree.

Juggling family time and job responsibilities is hard enough. Many hesitate when they think of the time commitment for coursework and studies. Most on-campus programs take two years. Online MBA says many online programs take 20 months to complete.

However, some MBA programs, like Longwood University’s online MBA – General track and online MBA  – Real Estate track can be finished in 10 months, less time than it takes for competing programs in Virginia.

The Longwood online MBAs offer a faster finish because they are accelerated with fewer credit hours required to graduate. Courses are compressed into seven-week terms rather than traditional semesters. Taking only two courses per term, you can finish in just 10 months.

Compare to other schools in the state. The program at Old Dominion is also accelerated, but with a longer eight-week term per course. Old Dominion also requires more credit hours, 40-45, adding time to the degree completion. William & Mary has an accelerated program of 7.5 weeks per course but also requires more credit hours — a total of 49 — to graduate.

One of the most attractive features of an online MBA is flexibility. The Princeton Review says most MBA programs are a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning. Synchronous means learning through an appointed class or project time. Asynchronous means learning through a time that is convenient to you. The combination offers the ultimate flexibility for those with family and job responsibilities.

The online MBA is not for everyone, however. Business Administration Information says it takes discipline to add intensive learning and study time to already complicated schedules: “If you need more structure and accountability to follow the classes, online degrees may not be the best.”

Other considerations are important to ensure an online MBA is the right fit. The quality of education is extremely important. Look for accreditation by AACSB, the gold standard for business school accreditation, which Longwood University holds.

Cost is a potential deal breaker. Longwood is much more affordable — $12,276 tuition for in-state residents and $12,586 (out of state) — than the comparison schools.

The Princeton Review says online learning offers distinct advantages. Students can schedule their MBA journey around family and career needs.

People considering an online MBA would be hard pressed to find a better combination of assets than Longwood University’s short time for completion, quality of education and affordability.

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