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The faculty at Longwood University are here to support your online learning experience. Our educators are highly qualified in their fields and responsive to your needs throughout your degree program.

Longwood professor Frank Bacon

"I believe a teacher is only successful when the students are successful business leaders. I get great satisfaction helping students achieve their goals."

– Dr. Frank W. Bacon, Professor of Finance

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Longwood professor Darrell Carpenter

"Immerse yourself in the MBA experience and treat each course, each assignment, each interaction as a valuable learning opportunity."

– Dr. Darrell Carpenter, Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Cyber Security

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Longwood professor Robert Barnwell

"There is an undeniable value to possessing an MBA. More than a simple stamp of approval, it reflects the commitment of the student to take on and complete a challenging course of study to improve job performance."

– Dr. Robert Barnwell, Assistant Professor of Marketing

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Longwood professor David Lehr

"Get engaged—talk to colleagues and professors!"

– Dr. David Lehr, Professor of Economics and Department Chair

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Longwood professor Hua Meng

"The MBA is a journey. Be determined and never give up. Enjoy the journey."

– Dr. Hua Meng, Associate Professor of Marketing

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Longwood professor Hannan Naeeni

"Depending on your situation, selecting an online MBA program can be a smart choice if it matches the rigor of its on-campus counterparts, offers you more flexibility to balance work and family responsibilities, and is more affordable. If you're looking for such an MBA program, you've found it."

– Dr. Hannan Naeeni, Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management

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Longwood professor James Haug

"Share your goal and timetable for completion with significant others in your life, so that they understand the time commitment needed to successfully complete the program."

– Dr. James Haug, Professor of Management

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Longwood professor Dawn Schwartz

"Longwood University's MBA program not only provides a quality degree program, but at Longwood, our professors care about the students and their success in education, careers, and life."

– Dr. Dawn Schwartz, Assistant Professor of Accounting

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Longwood professor Haley Woznyj

"Everyone comes into the classes with their own expectations, experiences, and opinions—don't be afraid to listen to others, but also to share yours. We can learn from each other!"

– Dr. Haley Woznyj, Assistant Professor

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Longwood professor Dr. Rebecca Wetmiller

"Leverage your unique experience within the courses as best as you can."

– Dr. Rebecca Wetmiller, Assistant Professor of Accounting

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